Matelso management & operating modes - English


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Matelso management & operating modes - English

This course has the following content:

Which modes of operation does matelso know

What are the responsibilities and the understanding of roles depending on the mode

Why do these modes exist and what differentiates them?

Furthermore, it will be shared with which images / metaphors the matelso management works to let the matelso team work together on the same goals to achieve the company goals.

This is followed by a test to check the learning success

Prerequisite for participation

There are no prerequisites for partaking in this course.


This is a mandatory course for all matelso employees.


Frank Froux


Please bring your laptop to this event. 

The lecture will be held in English. For the date in German, please register for the corresponding course.

Datum & Uhrzeit
Freitag Mai 31, 2024
09:30 10:30 (Europe/Berlin)
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+49 163 3768937

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