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Best practice matelso platform - English

In this presentation we will take a look at how a "best in class" setup of the matelso platform can look like for different use cases and requirements of our customers. A purpose-built website will support us in demonstrating actual and potential customer requirements in an almost realistic setup. Also the most important integrations into the popular third party tools of our customers will be presented.

Topics covered will include:

  • Configurations within the platform
    • Web tracking & data distributor configurations on customer-oriented use cases
  • Configuration on the owner's website
    • Extension of the platform snippet by custom code
    • platform snippet meets JavaScript 
    • matelso snippet meets HTML
  • Configuration of external integration tools
    • What role do Zapier, n8n, ... play in connection with the matelso platform
  • Configuration of  popular third party tools of our customers
    • What are typical configurations in the marketer's third-party tools to process matelso platform data in a use case-specific way
  • ...

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Prerequisite for participation

It is recommended to have understood the basic concepts behind WMP, Webtracking and Data Distributor or to deal with them in more detail beforehand. 
These topics are covered in detail in the Academy course "matelso platform basics". As a preparation, you can also repeat the previous multi-part platform workshop by Nina.


This is a mandatory course for all matelso employees.


Martin Hartig


Please bring your laptop to this event.

The lecture will be held in English. For the date in German, please register for the corresponding course.

Datum & Uhrzeit
Dienstag Juni 11, 2024
10:15 11:15 (Europe/Berlin)
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