What is the difference between single-number pools (individual telephone numbers) and number pools?

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1. What is a single-number pool (individual telephone number) and what is it used for?
2. What is a number pool and what are number pools used for?

1. What is a single-number pool used for?

A single-number pool is a static telephone number. In other words, it always stays the same.

What is a single-number pool used for?
  • Print campaigns
  • Google Ads call extensions
  • Individual sources such as MyBusiness, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.
  • Newsletteraktionen


When using the single-number pool, the source is known and is evaluated on the basis of the telephone number.

The matelso Search & Replace script is not required as the single-number pool is not dynamically displayed.

2. What is a number pool?

A number pool is used to dynamically display a telephone number on the website.

For example:

0711 - 12345 - 0 (pool of 10)

0711 - 12345 - 000 (pool of 1,000)

What is a number pool used for?

Using dynamic tracking, the customer journey of each unique visitor can be seen, in Google Analytics for example, and can be evaluated there at campaign/keyword level.


The “Search & Replace” configuration for the respective pool in the matelso Control Panel and the saving of the matelso Search & Replace script on the website:

Search & Replace Configuration
Tag Manager
Pool Size Basics


Please use the pool exclusively for displaying telephone numbers on the website and do not divide it up in order to use telephone numbers from the pool for other purposes. This makes your evaluation both difficult and inaccurate (telephone number is displayed for source A and on the website).