Idea: display country-specific telephone numbers on my website

Search & Replace Script

On my website, telephone numbers/number pools should be displayed according to the user’s location. How do I do that?

To meet this requirement, one can take the example of orientieren:

See as an example of how to do this:

Here, we use the user’s IP address to determine their location and show them an appropriate telephone number. For users in Germany for example, a telephone number in Germany is displayed, for users in Switzerland, a telephone number in Switzerland. This telephone number is also displayed on the sub-pages. An IP database (e.g. MaxMind) is used to link IP address and country. The use of this database is subject to a fee. To use it for our purposes, the GEO IPL database service is required (subject to a fee). On the basis of this data, the search string is adapted to the page using Search & Replace and the matelso script is activated.

In the matelso Control Panel, the telephone numbers for the desired countries are booked and the search strings configured.