Can I also evaluate UTM parameters via matelso call tracking?

Integrations Google Analytics

The short answer is: Yes - In which cases this is possible and how it can look like in the example of Google Universal Analytics, we show here.


Requirement matelso script

In principle, UTM parameters belong to the web data that can be collected when a call is made via a call tracking number. The requirement for this is that a dynamic pool or a Click2Call function was used in connection with the matelso script on the website.

Example in Google Universal Analytics

Please note that this is a simplified example and we cannot guarantee that it is up-to-date for other portals.

Which parameters can be used?

  • -utm_medium: This required parameter specifies the medium, e.g. cpc.
  • -utm_source: Here the source is indicated, e.g. Facebook. This parameter is also mandatory.
  • -utm_campaign: In this required parameter you can specify the name of your campaign.
  • -utm_content: This parameter is optional and is used for A/B tests or content-related campaigns.
  • -utm_term: By default, this optional parameter shows the paid keywords. But it can also be used, for example, to specify the target group or other information.

An example of how a URL with UTM parameter data can look:

Wo finde ich in Google Universal Analytics diese Daten?

Google Universal Analytics hat für Kampagnen einen eigenen Bericht, den Sie unter Akquisition – Kampagnen finden.

Unter Akquisition:

Dieser Bericht kann durch verschiedene sekundäre Dimensionen erweitert werden, um detaillierte Informationen zu den einzelnen Kampagnen zu bekommen. Die verschiedenen Parameter der URL sind in den Dimensionen wiederzufinden: Anzeigeninhalt, Kampagne, Zielseite, Medium, Quelle und Keyword. Ebenso lässt sich die primäre Dimension anpassen, sodass zwei Dimensionen gegenübergestellt werden können.

Um nun z.B. einzelne Kampagnen, Medien oder bestimmte Zielgruppen zu betrachten, kann ein Filter über den Bericht gelegt oder nach den Parameterangaben gesucht werden.

In der nachfolgenden Abbildung haben wir z.B. mithilfe des einfachen Filters nach Facebook-Kampagnen gefiltert:

Where can I find this data in Google Universal Analytics?

Google Universal Analytics has its own report for campaigns, which you can find under Acquisition – Campaigns.

Under Acquisition:

This report can be extended by various secondary dimensions to provide detailed information on the individual campaigns. The various parameters of the URL can be found in the dimensions: ad content, campaign, landing page, medium, source, and keyword. The primary dimension can also be adjusted so that two dimensions can be compared.

In order to view individual campaigns, media, or specific target groups, for example, a filter can be set on the report or the parameters used to run a search.

In the figure below, for example, we have filtered for Facebook campaigns using the basic filter: