Getting started with the API


How do I work with the API? Do I need to read 1000 pages of documentation?

In answer to the last question: No!

The first question is what exactly should be implemented. Not knowing what I want to achieve with Call Tracking and the API connection will result in a fiasco.

What questions should I ask myself?

Let us take a typical example:

Trading platform in the automotive sector – simple setting

Via my platform, dealers can sell used and new cars to customers.

What is my aim for Call Tracking?

I want to use Call Tracking to be able to show my dealer how many calls they have received via my platform.

The dealer is informed audibly and subsequently by e-mail that a call from “” has been generated.

The dealer therefore knows that my platform is the right one for them, because I generate plenty of leads and deal with them transparently. I may also then be able to charge my customers (the dealers) using a “pay-per-lead” model.

So what do I need from matelso?

To achieve the above-mentioned goal, I need the following functions and/or services from matelso:

  • Call Tracking telephone numbers
  • Acoustic notification during a call for the dealer (call whisper)
  • E-mail notification after a call (Call Messaging)
  • Number of accepted & missed calls per dealer
Which API functions do I need to use to achieve my goal?

Generate dealers with matelso using:


With the response received (subscriber ID, subscriber prefix [NDC], pool size=1), book a Call Tracking telephone number with the following function:


Now use the response received to activate routing to the dealer and the acoustic notification:


Now that the Call Tracking telephone number can be reached, we also activate the e-mail notification (Setup Call Messaging ):


How do I receive call data from matelso?

There are two options:

Option 1:

Initiator: YOU – cyclical requesting of the calls – method:


Option 2:

Initiator: matelso – real-time transmission using Integrations 2.0 – example: