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What are the different levels at which call reports can be set up? How do I create call reports? How do I change/delete call reports? How do I resend a call report?

1. What are the different call report levels?

Levels at which reports can be set up:

  1. Telephone number
    -> The report contains the call data of a telephone number/number pool
  2. Subscriber
    -> The report contains the call data of all telephone numbers/all number pools of this subscriber 
  3. Partner ID
    -> The report contains the call data of all telephone numbers/number pools that are booked to your account. In addition, at Partner level, a configuration report and an itemized bill report can also be created, for example
  4. Gruppen
    -> The report contains the call data of a previously created group

The different levels can be configured here:


2. Wie richte ich einen Call Report im Control Panel ein?

Hier ein Info- Video, auf Grundlage eines monatlichen Reports auf Rufnummernebene. Der Call Report wird mit Email Versand eingerichtet. Alternativ ist es auch möglich die Call Reports im Control Panel zu speichern, und Sie bei Bedarf dort jederzeit herunterzuladen.

- Call Reports können für die regelmäßigen Zeiträume täglich, wöchentlich, monatlich und jährlich eingerichtet werden

- Call Reports können als Excel Datei (in der Übersicht der Templates ersichtlich), oder als PDF erstellt werden


2. How do I set up a call report in the Control Panel?

See here for an info video using a monthly report at telephone number level as an example. The call report is set up with e-mail delivery. It is also possible to save the call reports in the Control Panel, and to download them from there as required.

- Call reports can be set up as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly

- Call reports can be created as Excel files (see the templates overview), or as PDFs


3.  How do I resend an existing call report to myself or download it in the Control Panel?



4. How do I delete a report? How do I edit a report (change the e-mail recipient, for example)?



Can I customize call reports with my logo?

Yes, this can be done at an extra charge.

Please e-mail the desired header and footer in the following format to
Bitmap file (jpg, bmp, png or similar)

Header: 165 mm x 30 mm (3898 × 709 pixels with 600 dpi)
Footer: 165 mm x 19.8 mm (3898 × 469 pixels with 600 dpi)
All images to be embedded in JPG or PNG format please