Call Messaging – completely individual

Control Panel

You can save individual HTML templates for all your Call Messaging requirements, so that you can send them using your own design


To do so, save your HTML files as a ZIP file in the file manager in the Control Panel. The following general conditions are important here:

1. An HTML page is created (index.html) and designed. Please note the following for your HTML page:

    1. Graphics are located at the level of the “index.html” file or in sub-folders.
    2. Graphics are linked relatively. Absolute linking is only possible to graphics on external servers.
    3. Max. 10 graphics can be linked relatively.
    4. Graphics cannot be integrated using Base64 coding.
    5. CSS information as embedded code only. External CSS files are not permitted.
    6. File names for images must only contain letters, numbers, and the following characters: _ – “

2. The placeholders (see previous section) can be added to the HTML page. For example $A_NUMBER$

3. The HTML page and the sub-folders and graphics used in it are packed into a ZIP archive together.
A ZIP archive can only contain one HTML page.

4. The index.html should contain valid HTML (external Link) including all closing tags.


We are happy to provide you with a template. This can be downloaded in the Control Panel:

The DDD variables can also be added.




 Here you can find the template to download: