Call tracking variants
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What different types of call tracking are available?

This is a blog entry for those who already know what call tracking is and have already identified the need to track calls.
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Now for the most important part, the different variants of call tracking:

We can generally distinguish between 3 forms of call tracking. Each of these forms has its own purpose and therefore its own raison d’être. The difference lies in the question of to whom and when a call tracking number is displayed.

In principle, a distinction can be made between static, channel-based or campaign-based and dynamic call tracking. The individual forms each have their own possible uses and can often also be used in combination.

Static call tracking

Static call tracking is the simplest and usually also the most cost-effective variant. Here, a number is used for a particular medium (radio, television, website, print) and the incoming calls to this specific number tracked. As a result, it is possible to determine how many calls result from their presence in a particular medium. This allows the calls to be traced back to corresponding numbers and the performance of print, for example, can be verified. An idea would be, for example, to track a print campaign that included two different telephone numbers in Munich and Hamburg, which could be used to track which city generated more leads.


Channel-based or campaign-based call tracking

Channel-based or campaign-based call tracking is the logical extension of static call tracking. Here we find ourselves deep in performance marketing, trying to find out how a particular campaign has performed. With this variant of call tracking, tracking numbers are assigned to the individual channels and/or campaigns within a medium. This allows the website calls to be differentiated by channel (SEA, SEO, newsletter, social, affiliate, offsite etc.). It also allows more accurate conclusions
about the individual campaign to be drawn, alongside those about the performance of a medium.


Dynamic call tracking

Dynamic call tracking delivers the deepest insights into the “customer journey” of a website visitor and enables the comprehensive integration of the “call journey” into the “web journey.” In this variant of call tracking, each website visitor is shown an individual telephone number in their session. At this user level, the number displayed functions similarly to a cookie, i.e. it enables conclusions about user behavior to be drawn in the event of a call. The call information is communicated to the tracking tool used, where the call is integrated into the existing customer journey as a touchpoint. With this form of call tracking, the most granular results can be generated, as here it is possible to track at keyword level. This opens up completely new possibilities for marketers, allowing them to discover which keywords perform best, taking into consideration all conversions, not just the purely web-based ones. This variant is best suited to optimizing online marketing, as the call can be tracked in the same way as a contact form.


This article is intended as a summary of the three main types of call tracking. Our customers in the automotive sector, for example, use dynamic call tracking on their websites and static call tracking to track leads generated via portals and other sources of advertising. All this data, in Google Data Studio for example, ultimately helps not only marketers, but also management, to retain an overview and to make the right decisions.

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