ARE CALLS Relevant?
Written by matelso_team

Quite rightly, people often ask whether the telephone is really relevant in a digital, online-oriented business model. Does my website, my store need an "offline" telephone as a point of contact?

We are certain the answer is: YES
and would like to give you  5 reasons why the telephone is so important:

1. Calls direct from search results

70% of cell-phone users call companies direct from search results.

Google has recently published data showing that 70% of cell-phone users contact companies direct from the search results. The data comes from a Google survey into searching on smartphones. These surveys generally support the premise that searches on a phone often lead to a call being made; after all, the user has the phone right in his/her hand and the limited screen size creates a need to seek extra advice, preferably on the telephone.

 2. Canceled purchases due to a lack of telephone number

Various A/B tests have shown that the failure to display a phone number in online stores leads to an increase in canceled purchases. This makes sense: a regional telephone number with a geographical dialing code builds trust; the visitor feels secure in the fact that the company has premises in the country. A lack of number, on the other hand, can indicate poor or undesirable customer service; this is where doubt and skepticism creep in.
Quick tip: Clearly display your telephone number on every page and above all ensure it can be "clicked on."

3. Customers generally convert quicker after a call

An internal survey by one client suggests that a call within the customer journey leads to a higher conversion rate. The survey assessed the effect that a call within the customer journey has on direct or subsequent purchasing behavior.
Result: Customers that had telephone contact with an employee were much more likely to convert direct and later on

4. Calls are more valuable than web leads

A BIA Kelsey study advises that surveys undertaken by the institute confirmed 29% of all calls end favorably in a sale, appointment, or reservation. By contrast, only 2% of web leads lead to conversion. This means that just 2 out of 100 completed forms result in a sale, appointment, or reservation. Overall, calls perform 10 times better!

5. What do our customers/visitors want?

A study by Google shows that in the most important phase – the purchasing phase – over 60% of all customers find the option of telephone contact extremely important. This also suggests to us that the inability to make contact via telephone has a negative impact on the purchasing phase and could prevent purchases being made.

*Google Studie


 Any company that doesn't have a telephone hotline or telephone contact on its website risks purchases being canceled, conversion rates falling short, and above all frustrated visitors. For the sake of the customers and the company, it is advisable to offer telephone contact and to display means of contact prominently to provide the visitor with a positive experience.

Ignoring inbound calls is detrimental to businesses
Written by Iwen Kuhn Jul 16, 2019